Mangani says Sata is a forgiving father

Chipata Central Member of Parliament Lameck Mangani says PF leader Michael Sata is a forgiving father who should be given a chance to lead Zambia.

During his address to the people of Chipata at Mpezeni park Sartuday afternoon, Mangani said Sata is a good leader who must be allowed to lead Zambia.

Mangani officially defected to PF together Kafulafuta MP George Mpmbo and the MMD executive committee of Chipata.

Mangani told his supporters at a fully parked Mpezeni park that the PF has entered Eastern province and it will be difficult to stop the leadership of Michael Sata.

He said MMD is a finished political party whose rightful space and place is the grave.

“A lot of you people were in a rude shock when you heard that I have resigned from government as deputy minister and as member of the party. I did that because this party MMD is finished and leadership is in tatters. Just look the way President Banda is managing the agriculture sector, very disastrous, the system is in shambles,” said Mangani

Mangani said the 20 year rule of the MMD is tiring to the people of Zambia because it has failed to offer any meaning changes in alleviating poverty among the poor.

He said ordinarily it would be impossible for a minister to leave government with all benefits that come with leadership but that he had to because of his allegiance to the people of Chipata central.

He said although in the past there are many bad things Masebo and himself (Mangani) said about the PF leader, he believes that Sata is a forgiving and good father worthy to lead.

“I know that not a long time ago, Masebo, Mulongoti and myself we said a lot of bad things about president Sata but today we have realised that this man Sata is a good man, he is a forgiving father than President Rupiah Banda,” said Mangani.

He said for Zambia to experience proper national prosperity, a leader of Sata’s nurture and character should be embraced because he is a man of action.

And PF leader Michael Sata has asked the people of Chipata to forgive Mangani and others for lying about him.

Addressing a political rally at Mpezeni Park Saturday afternoon to officially welcome Mangani to the PF, Sata who was not coherent in his speech said people should realise that forgiveness is important towards national healing.

Sata said Dora Siliya has been also lying about him (Sata) on issues of homosexuality that when the PF forms government will implement the laws that support men having sex with men.

“This girl Dora Siliya is not cultured at all, she has never been taught how to behave before elders, how can she go and lie about something that is not true, how can I introduce homosexuality in Zambia, when the laws are clear on the matter?” Sata asked.

Sata who appeared to be excited sang most of the time and had very few sensible things to say.

Sata kept on singing and referring to the Bible about the need to have respect for elders in apparent reference to the attacks Education minister Siliya and other NGO’s have launched about him and his stance on homosexuality.

Among the people that were in attendance are Given Lubinda, George Mpombo, Sylvia Masebo, Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba, Willy Nsanda, Waza Kaunda, Mbita Chitala, and Jean Kapata. Others were Joseph Katema, Judith Kapijimpanga, Wynter Kabimba, Charles Banda and Patrick Mwanawasa.

At the same rally the entire MMD Chipata central executive committee led by their deputy chairperson defected to the PF.

And when he announced his joining PF, Kafulafuta MMD Member of Parliament George Mpombo said President Banda is a big political crook who should not be trusted with the instruments of power.

Mpombo said that it was unfortunate that President Banda had failed to learn from the past defection, saying Mangani is a political pyramid of the Eastern province.

He said president Rupiah Banda must realise that he is a political imbroglio whose preoccupation is to loot national resources together with his children,” said Mpombo.

He said President Banda is now busy working towards opening an oil company and another firm that will be manufacturing number plates for the entire country to enrich his children, adding that laws on abuse of office have been removed to ensure that he is not investigated as he leaves state house this year.

“Rupiah Banda is a big political mambala who is trying to steal the little wealth the nation is remaining with, it is high time we prepared for the worst if we decide to return this big mambala,” said Mpombo.


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