Mangani threatens to investigate Kabimba’s alleged abuse of power

HOME affairs minister Lameck Mangani yesterday threatened to investigate PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s alleged abuse of power when he purchased a big house from the government at a low price as Lusaka town clerk some years back.

Reacting to Kabimba’s statement that he Mangani is acting like a Rottweiler dog that has just been unleashed to pursue the enemies of President Rupiah Banda, Mangani said Kabimba had dog-loyalty to PF president Michael Sata because he feared that he Sata might spill the beans about his dubious purchase of a house at less than K500,000 when he served as Lusaka town clerk.

“We know why he is behaving like a dog to Mr Sata. He knows that Mr Sata has a dossier on him when he worked as town clerk for Lusaka. We are aware that he acquired a house under very dubious circumstances and Mr Sata is aware about it. So he is clinging to him thinking that Mr Sata one day may spill the beans. So, who is a dog between him and myself?” Mangani asked. “I am just doing government work. He is clinging to Mr Sata because he fears that Mr Sata might spill the beans on his activities when he served as town clerk, on the purchase of a very big house which was built after independence in Lusaka and he bought it at less than K500,000. Not even a K1 million! I will ask the minister of local government to constitute a team to investigate this level of abuse of power when he was town clerk and whether it’s possible that we can confiscate the house because this is tantamount to stealing. How does somebody buy a big house in a good residential area at less than half a million kwacha and it was built after independence? That is why he is clinging to Mr Sata.”

He said Kabimba was the worst secretary general the PF has ever had.

“Instead of organising the party, he spends more time handling petty matters in court relating to party activities. We expected that this time around when Mr Sata and PF vice-president Mr Guy Scott are showing signs of fatigue because they look very tired, we expected him to organise the party but on the contrary, he has no ability to organise the party,” said Mangani. “The PF is nose-diving because of Wynter Kabimba’s appointment as secretary general who is not equal to his friends like Charles Chimumbwa and Edward Mumbi who were vibrant and were very good organisers. He is just a story teller. I want to advise him that, ‘spend ample time organising your political party, which is nose-diving because of your inability to organise’.”

On Sunday, Kabimba dared President Rupiah Banda’s government to take Frederick Chiluba, the prime suspect in the Carlington maize scandal back to court.

Kabimba’s comments came in the wake of Mangani’s announcement that the Attorney General would advise government on how to proceed with the Carlington maize scandal in which opposition FDD president Edith Nawakwi was implicated.

Kabimba said Mangani was acting like a Rottweiler that had been unleashed by its master to pursue his political enemies.

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