Mansa, Solwezi and Livingstone run out of fuel as PF blames soccer fans

Mansa, Solwezi and Livingstone run out of fuel as PF blames soccer fans

All the four filling stations in Solwezi district have run out of petrol, leaving motorists stranded.

And petrol-propelled vehicles have been abandoned on long queues at the filling stations awaiting the anticipated arrival of the commodity.

But Energy Permanent Secretary, George Zulu, blamed  the high number of soccer fans who travelled to Ndola to watch the Zambia against Ghana game of having caused pressure on the reserves.

Mr. Zulu also told the state owned but PF controlled Zambia Daily that a government technical committee has concluded negotiations for the supply of diesel and petrol by Trafigura, a company banned elsewhere for corrupt activities and unsound environmental practices .

A check at Total and SGC Filling stations by ZANIS in Solwezi and other towns revealed that petrol run out on Saturday while the stock of diesel left is less than 4, 000 litres which is expected to run out today if the new stock is not received.

The situation was the same at Mt Meru and Puma Filling stations where the commodity run out on Friday.

Mt  Meru Filling station manager, Meghani Liyakat, said the filling station was left with only about 5,000 litres of diesel which will run out today.
Andin Livingstone two out of the six service stations have run out of petrol.

A ZNBC News crew that went round the tourist capital found that  Total and Puma Filling Stations had run out of petrol and were only serving diesel.

Fuel Attendants were unable to tell when the commodity will be restocked.

Fuel attendants say that petrol ran out on Saturday.

Meanwhile, in Mansa three out of the four Service stations have run out of petrol.

ZANIS reports from Mansa that only Continental filing station has petrol which was offloaded on Sunday.

The four service stations however, have enough stocks of diesel.

PUMA Service Station Manager Martin Mpasi says petrol run out on Sunday.

He says the availability of petrol is dependent on the quick loading of fuel at Indeni Oil Refinery in Ndola.

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