Manufacturing drops 70% due to load shedding

The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) says the industry’s production has reduced by 70 percent due to load shedding.

But in response, the PF government says those who are affected by load shedding must go and fill the Kariba dam with urine to generate power.
ZAM executive director Maybin Nsupila said members are also unable to meet their supply contracts due to low production.
Mr Nsupila said in an interview on Wednesday that this will affect revenue to be paid to government as a result of low production.
“Some of our members have had their machines damaged because the equipment is not meant to be switched off regularly,” he said.
He said most companies have been operating at low capacities and this has implications on the costs.
Mr Nsupila said this will have an effect on the annual production by as much as 70 percent, and the cost of production for most manufacturers has also gone up.
“In some instances, [the] load shedding [schedule] is not adhered to and this makes it even worse because our members are unable to plan,” he said.
He said he is hopeful that the situation will improve next year so that manufacturers can meet their production targets.
And Mr Nsupila said manufacturing offers opportunities for export market expansion and is, therefore, a key driver of growth in merchandise trade.
He said increased production and exports shield a country from commodity shocks and provide a firm foundation for sustained and undisrupted growth.

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