Many dead, injured in Kapiri accident

Many dead, injured in Kapiri accident

Terrible road accident along Ndola Kapiri road …
Many dead and many others injured. Video too graphic to publish

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    pepsi 2 weeks ago

    video too graphic to publish, but you have already put out pictures. irresponsible journalism. where is the human element here? those deceased have families and yet with your gutter journalism and a appetite for breaking the news, you still publish sensitive images.

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    Dennis Ngandwe 2 weeks ago

    My dear brothers and sisters,l let us talk to the government to suspend all road contracts and concentrate on Lusaka-Ndola Carriageway. Remember that Ndola-Kitwe road was also a deathtrap.We made noise and demanded a dual carriageway and accidents reduced drastically. To speed up the construction of the road,government should apportion Lusaka-Ndola Carriageway to many Contractors as follows: Lusaka-Chisamba,Chisamba-Chibombo,Chibombo-Kabwe, Kabwe-Kapiri, Kapiri-Ndola should have 3contractors.
    Let my company be one of the contractors.
    Dennis Ngandwe

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      david 2 weeks ago

      true my brother

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        Concerned xxx 2 weeks ago

        Very sad, condolences to the families that have lost loved ones. 

        A word of caution to my fellow drivers, please if you are tired, drunk or have a lot on your mind don’t drive.  Equally do drive to fast, remember even a tortoise does get to its destination.

        Over looking the above will result in accidents, we have a lot of problems in this Nation, don’t cause someone to be an orphan when a 25Kg bag of mealie meal is over K150.00 and the Kwacha exchange rate to a US diollar is hitting almost K14.00

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    FuManchu 2 weeks ago

    Many a contributors views on cause of the road carnage are true in many aspects and the country will keep experiencing loss of life for as long as serious attention is not given to usage of roads and beneficiaries! Examples of good practices when on roads abound from other countries which could add value to the Zambian roads users but this calls for vigilance amongst institutions responsible for all lives’ safety!

    With all energy devoted to prayers it goes without saying that action enhances power of prayer! Anyway maybe the more these occurrences and government foots funeral expenses is belived to show a caring leadership!

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    Makusi 2 weeks ago

    That stretch of road is very bad. It needs immediate attention. Drove on it three weeks ago

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    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    Let us start with cleaning up the totally corrupt police force: any driver can buy off ANY mistake, NO driver on any PSV or bus EVER wear a seatbelt – and the police rather receives money in their pocket than reprimanding the driver. And what about driving times? In Europe and America a driver MUST go for a rest period of two hours after four hours of driving; in Zambia bus drivers start at 05:00 hours and go on until 23:00 hours – that is 18 hours without any rest. Asking for trouble!

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    Steve 2 weeks ago

    Could it be God’s covering for the country has been lifted due to an ungodly satanic corrupt government and people where the president, his daughters and other stooges have amassed more wealth and stolen more money than the 27 years of Kaunda’s  and Chiluba’s rule put together; where the land of the nation such as forest reserve 27 and lower Zambezi  has been turned into their spoils? Need I say more?

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    Muntu 2 weeks ago

    Please investigate this witchcraft that has befallen the country. In the last 8 years we have seen so many accidents in our country amid the claims of improved roads.

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      ONE MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

      PSV Training for drivers leaves so much to be desired, its pathetic and a lot of drivers nowadays are buying driving licenses. During the Kaunda and Chiluba days for one to get a driving license it had to take experience and maturity, but nowadays even fools and idiots are getting licenses. These fools have no respect for other road users, two days of learning how to drive, RATSA gives these imbecilic fools driving licenses. What do you expect will be the consequences? Accidents ofcourse!!!! Don’t even blame so called Satanists its just carelessness by drivers always over speeding and at times they are tired probably they a long journey the previous day, Poor judgement on the road, economic pressure, strict time adherence for some companies so drivers want to beat time, want to spend night by side chick’s place at the border so drivers have to ensure that they reach the borders before 21hrs for public transport so the driver will be cruising just for love of pussy.