Mapenzi tried to run but police finished her another bullet – father

Mapenzi tried to run but police finished her another bullet – father

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 06.32.05THE government has killed my daughter because she belonged to opposition UPND, says Douglas Chibulo, father of Mapenzi who was shot dead by police on Friday.

And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema yesterday visited parents of the shooting victim in Jack compound, where he told journalists that President Edgar Lungu appointed Kakoma Kanganja as Inspector General of Police not on merit but because he was his drinking mate.

Chibulo said the shooting of his daughter was hard to believe in a once peaceful country.

“The PF government shot my girl, she is no more. This is hard to believe in a country that is supposed to be peaceful. This is hard to believe at a time when everyone is supposed to be free to campaign,” Chibulo complained in between sobs.

“My girl tried to run for her life but very unfortunate, a police officer aimed directly at her and shot her in the head, they fired again and shot her in the stomach.”

He wondered how President Lungu was feeling that a resident of his constituency had been shot dead by police under his command.

“Imagine this man, the President, he has been living here in Chawama Constituency! We have been mixing in so many ways but I am afraid if such things are happening, where are we going? And you say it is democracy, is this democracy where people kill each other?” asked Chibulo.

“I am very sad. My daughter was very fit, the only offence was belonging to an opposition political party.”

And former Lusaka Province minister Mulenga Sata who visited Chibulo on Saturday said things had gone from bad to worse.

“The campaigns of Edgar Lungu are disappointing. This is one year that everything has just gone from bad to worse. It creates a volatile situation because people will now defend themselves. The spirits of our members are however energised till we bring down this despotic regime of Edgar Lungu, because if we are like this, how will we be in five years with the same regime?” wondered Mulenga.

Meanwhile, Hichilema said Kanganja was not appointed on merit as he was Lungu’s “drinking buddy”.

“Clearly, there is a total breakdown of law and order in our country and this has degenerated to a point where citizens can be killed in cold blood by people wearing police uniforms. The police work for the
15 million Zambians but all of the sudden under the leadership of Edgar Lungu, the police are now
a department of the PF; they are working in collaboration with the PF thugs to kill people,” said Hichilema.

“We don’t have an Inspector General of Police. I went to see Kanganja, he is just a joker and he told me that he didn’t know who fired live ammunition. He was just Edgar Lungu’s drinking mate, that’s how he became an Inspector General of Police.”


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