Margaret Mwanakatwe’s Grade 12 Certificate


Dear Editor
I would like to use your forum to expose some serious issues with Commerce Minister Hon. Mwanakatwe’s application for adoption.

We in the Party are worried, why was the Grade 12 Certificate she originally used to apply for adoption certified by her lawyers as opposed to ECZ.

After that issue was raised, she “ran” around and managed to produce one that has been certified by ECZ.
Our concern is, how authentic is it?
Was someone at ECZ just paid to stamp and sign it, yet the grades on it are different from what she has.

If you read carefully the Grade 12 as defined by Electoral Commission of Zambia, most of the old timers do not meet the requirements. When the alarm was sounded her application is now top secret..

Kindly ask for me this question through your publication.

Kind Regards


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