Marijuana party leader fails to file in, his supportes arrested for fake IDs

Five cadres from the  Green Party, the party of mad people trying to promote marijuana, have been arrested for presenting fake Identity cards during filing in of nominations for their leader.

And Marijuana party leader Peter Sinkamba failed to find 200 dagga smokers to enable him file his nominations.

Alert state police and Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) officers nabbed three female and two males in their attempt to declare and verify their documents. The five were bundled in a police van heading to a named police holding cell.

A senior police officer at the scene, who spoke on condition of anonymity, identified two of the culprits as Elizabeth Sakala and the other as Mercy Tembo on grounds of particulars differing on their green national registration and voters’ cards.

“Tembo, Sakala and three other culprits are being held in police custody and they will appear in court soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, Green Party leader, Peter Sinkamba, has not managed to file in his nomination because he has allegedly failed to raise 200 supporters required by the ECZ.

By press time, Mr Sinkamba, the campaigner for the legalisation of marijuana, who thinks psychotropic substance is the best way to go if the country is to generate more income, only had 170 sympathisers and was still ‘struggling’ to raise 30 more.

In a separate interview, ECZ Spokesperson, Cris Akufuna, said the opposition leader has got four extra days in which to raise the 30 supporters to file his nomination.

Mr Akufuna said it was clear that Mr Sinkamba has failed to bring 200 supporters today but he still has got four more days up to December 23, next week or be countered out of the presidential race.

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