Marine commandos beat Lake Mweru fisherman to death

The marine commandos deployed by PF government to be guarding fish during the ongoing fish ban have beaten to death a 43 year old suspected resident of Lukwesa village for refusing to share some black magic charms after he was allegedly caught fishing on the shores of lake Mweru. Sources said that the unknown man was fishing along with three other people but when they were spotted, his friends ‘disappeared’ leaving him exposed.

His friends managed to disappear but he was caught and they demanded that he shows them the black magic the group has been using to evade any arrests. They also demanded that he shares with them the same charms because they (commandos) would also want to have some magical powers to enhance their efficiency. Apparently the victim denied using the charms and at that point they beat him up so badly and later took him to Nchelenge hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“After the group was spotted, an arrest was planned but before it could be effected some other chaps disappeared only leaving him. So the guys demanded firstly for the charms but the poor villager was numb and that is how they took turns to beat him till he became unconscious,” said a source within the commando group. His body has reportedly been taken transferred to Mansa General hospital mortuary, disguised as an unclaimed dead body.

Like he did when he commandeered a battalion of armed paramilitary policemen to block the Chitimukulu from taking his throne, President Edgar Lungu recently directed expelled UPND Sinazongwe UPND MP and defence minister Ritchwell Siamunene to deploy commandos at some fishing points. The commandos have been terrorising villagers with beatings and raping some women especially in the nearby Lukwesa, Kambwali and Kalebwe villages.

The residents in the said villages have told the Watchdog that they are living in fear because their wives and young children are being forced into sexual intercourse with these commandos who are dangling money and whenever they try to resist they are beaten and even threatened to be shot dead. They wondered whether the Zambian commando unit was created for the purpose of guarding fish and not as an elite and special force.

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