Married woman found making love in bush

THE Matero Local Court heard how a 24-year-old married woman of Chibombo was caught red-handed making love to her husband’s best friend in a bush.

This is in a case in which Annanias Sishekano, 32, of Chibombo area sued his best friend Sankhani Nkoswe, 33, also of the same area for compensation after he was caught having sex with his wife, Aliness Tembo, 24.

Sishekano told senior court magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba that Nkoswe was his close friend whom he considered as a brother.

“Hence, I was very surprised when I was informed that Nkoswe was having an affair with my wife. When I was alerted about the affair, I configured my wife’s phone in such a manner that it recorded all her conversations. I listened to all her romantic conversations with my best friend,” he said.

Sishekano informed the court that when Nkoswe was caught having sex with his wife in a bush, the matter was reported to the village headman.

“My wife confessed to the ordeal when I confronted her. I have dragged Nkoswe to court seeking compensation for the damage he has caused in my marriage,” he said.

Nkoswe, however, in his statement denied knowing Sishekano or having an affair with Tembo.

“I only knew Sishekano when he came to my house accusing me of having an affair with his wife. He told my wife about his suspicions that I was dating his wife,” he said.

But Tembo told the court that Nkoswe was her boyfriend.

She narrated that Nkoswe proposed love to her when she went to his shop to buy groceries.

“We have been communicating and seeing each other after he asked me to date him. On January 10, this year, Nkoswe and I were having sex in the bush when we were caught by some members of the community,” she said.

Nkoswe later admitted to the affair adding that he used condoms during his sexual encounters with Tembo.

The court upheld the claim and ordered Nkoswe to compensate Sishekano with K15,000 with an initial instalment of K1,500 followed by K500 monthly instalments effective this monthend.

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