Masebo acquitted

Former Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo has been acquitted of all counts of abuse of office.

Ms Masebo was arrested by the Anti Corruption Commission on 23rd July,2015 and has been attending trial ever since.

She was in the first count accused of cancelling the tender for the hunting concession when she served as Tourism Minister without following procedure.

Magistrate Irene Washimanga freed Ms Masebo this morning when she appeared for judgment.



  • CK acquitted as well.

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    Simbeye 7 months

    She is strong like Hillary Clinton

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    Mpongo Muleya 7 months

    Happy for her and I admire her. It was not her who made decisions but carrying out party, PF, instructions.

  • the morons are coming to their senses

  • Be blessed,wonderful,enjoy your freedom,,Hon,

  • My sister soldier on , speak 4 the voiceless

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    Third 7 months

    The Days Are evil, So Is Man.But the Good Must Win the Laurels In the End.

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    Prince Mande 7 months

    To God be the glory, I am so happy for you Sylvia. Time to move on now.

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    Mutopola 7 months

    Ba masebo,we are great that uu are out mama, we will be also great when h,h will be out of prison.

  • BA chama ubunga nabu chipa way bcz ni time yo kolola iwe uzaona mu kuyamba September ngati uza chips futi.

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    funsani 7 months

    congrants iron lady!! posses yo position now mother zawa/DNPW.we ve missd yo services mwandi!

  • Our sweet iron lady.. Lots of love feom noah chizinga

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    Munene 7 months

    The judges are not Pf today bcoz they have acquitted a upnd member…! Watchdog with their double standards..!

  • Wina boma yamupangila soe koma tavutikilamo tiyd nayo!

  • what do u expect from opposition?honestly nothing but opposition-JACOB ZUMA

  • Ya kutigwila mumanso bachakolwa kupusa

  • Thumbs up our iron lady. Congratulations!!!

  • So if masebo was convicted watchdog was going to insulnt judges.

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    It shows how fair our courts are

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    Let’s be honest with ourselves. This woman has openly insulted ECL and has been acquitted by the court lower than the high court in a country where some claim to be under a dictator.

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    Kambongolo 7 months

    This lady is beautiful.Look at her again.

  • Everything ,,its to complain yaba,,,and if she decide to come back to PF you lol complain too lol ubunga bwachipa ati nooo ,,,when will you stand up and appreciate something as it is

  • So she’s not a thief

  • Majority of pf r dull…they can’t win any case,unless force.

  • We thank God, justice is all what should dominate the judiciary.

  • Congrats

  • Ululululululu, iron lady. Wonderful.

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations

  • our magistrate courts are more professional and indipendent than those corrupt high court judges. I think we better scrap off the high courts in this country so that we remain with only magistrates courts and supreme courts. thank you our magistrates for the good work.