Masebo and her thugs in Chongwe terror

By Waziona Nkhwekwe

It is clear that the illegal and brutal abduction of Councilor Mumena was orchestrated by Ms Silvia Tembo Masebo, as revenge against a man seen as the Key architect of the Japhen Mwakalombe Parliamentary election victory against her on the 20th September 2011 polls. She views him as a dangerous roadblock on her road to greedy and insatiable thirst for power.Through their arrogance and stupidity, Masebo and her hired thugs have opened up this country to the horrors and desolation of conflict.

I warned the people of Zambia and Chongwe in particular on the toxic, dangerous, ruthless, brutal and expensive brand of politics, Ms Masebo has chosen to pursue.
Those of my Country men and women who doubted my warning, the unparalleled scale of the terror unleashed on Councilor Mumena Should erase any doubts in your minds, about how dangerous Ms Masebo is to those who stand in her way!
Ms Silvia Masebo has become like an image in a mirror. Every detail of her is there except life and compassion! I miss the Silvia I knew a long time ago, Compassionate, warm and loving to her people! I wonder where my Silvia has gone and most importantly who has take her!
Councilor Mumena is not an isolated incident, he is a poster child of the thousands of humble people of Chongwe who were intimidated, bribed and coerced by the thugs Ms Masebo Imported from outside Chongwe.
It will not be a bad idea for the losing candidate to petition her clearly corrupt victory!
One cannot harbor such colossal bitterness and hatred and contempt Ms Masebo has against her opponents without it becoming malignant. People like her end up alone in a room surrounded by the shadows and ghosts of the people she has destroyed!
There is urgent need for the people of Zambia to stop this dangerous Woman in her tracks before she sets this country on fire!
If nothing is done, our children in rags, starving, dying will stand on our graves in chains, demanding to know why we did nothing to stop their enslavement when we had the chance!
In a disordered mind lies the source of all human unhappiness, it makes us wonder from one fantasy to another and if its spell leaves us in the end it is by then too let. The hour strikes and a man detesting  life!

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