Masebo and Kambwili refuse to apologise to ZNBC, challenge Dr Mulwila to resign

Patriotic Front Chairperson for Elections and Chongwe Member of Parliament Silvia Masebo says she has no apology to make after using abusive language and threats against ZNBC Director for news and current affairs Kenneth Maduma on Sunday evening.
Masebo was part of the PF senior hooligans who transferred PF behaviour of violence and intimidation to the ZNBC newsroom in an attempt to block coverage of opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and PF national chairperson Inonge Wina.
The ZNBC board led by Dr John Mulwila however put their foot down and condemned the behaviour by Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili, PF Deputy Secretary General Anthony Kasolo and Chongwe Member of Parliament Silvia Masebo.
Masebo and Kambwili however told the press Tuesday that they had no apology to make with Masebo stressing that she was disappointed with the way ZNBC reports.
Masebo said ZNBC was a public broadcaster and should protect the president and further condemned Dr John Mulwila for what she called unprofessional conduct of castigating their (Masebo and friends) behaviour on air.
‘The Chairperson is unprofessional for him to castigate us on air, even if we were wrong did he have to castigate us on air like that,’ Masebo asked.
And Chishimba Kambwili has challenged Dr Mulwila to resign from the position of ZNBC Board Chairperson.
But the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General Josephine Mapoma has praised the ZNBC Board for the step taken against harassment by PF politicians.
The Zambia Union of Broadcasters and other Information Disseminators (ZUBID) has warned that it will not entertain tribal remarks against its members.
ZUBID General Secretary Martin Maseka expressed disappointment with the PF leaders who used tribal remarks against ZNBC newsroom staff.
Recently, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Chanda Kasolo directed that ZNBC News Director Nkamu Nkamu be removed from his position because he was from what Kasolo called ‘a wrong tribe.’
‘These people with wrong tribes must not occupy sensitive positions in the corporation,’ Kasolo recently said in reference to Nkamu Nkamu.

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