Masebo condemns PF’s lack of respect for Chieftainess Nkomesha

Chongwe Member of Parliament Silvia Masebo has expressed disappointment at the lack of respect for chiefs exhibited by PF cadres.
Masebo said it was unacceptable for PF cadres to insult and sing anti Masebo songs in front of Senior Chieftainess Nkomesha’s Palace.
She said politics of attacking people who have opposing views should not be allowed and condemned politicians who are using youths for violence.
Masebo said the PF was so desperate to the extent of insulting at the chief’s palace and has since appealed to the people in Chongwe to say no to violence.
Masebo said the PF cadres who attempted to beat her had stormed the palace in three buses and resorted to insults after they failed to get hold of her.

Meanwhile PF president Edgar Lungu has claimed that Masebo was not a factor in Zambian politics adding that he is not worried about endorsements given to opposition candidates.

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