Masebo exhibits rare courage as she opposes mining in lower Zambezi, case of auto-pilot

Masebo exhibits rare courage as she opposes mining in lower Zambezi, case of auto-pilot

maseboMinister of Tourism and Arts Silvia Masebo has exhibited rare courage and some integrity by openly opposing the granting of a mining licence to Zambezi Resources in Lower Zambezi National Park tabulating various reasons on how Zambia would lose out on tourism revenue and negative image abroad.

In a clear case of auto-pilot and lack of cohesion on the part of the chaotic ailing dictator Michael Sata’s government that is now being run by young George Chellah behind the computer key board called Sata’s Facebook page, Masebo has now taken a position which sharply differs with her counter-part corrupt minister of Lands Harry Kalaba who allowed the Australian mining giant to start mining in the national park, a move that sparked protests in various parts of the world from environmentalists.

The Zambianwatchdog has consistently told people that there is nobody in charge of this country because thank God the elected dictator is just sleeping throughout and only works up to swear-in relatives and close friends and has no capacity to address a serious cabinet meeting where collective positions of national interest can be taken.

Masebo yesterday told the Parliamentary Select Committee on Mining and Natural Resources that Zambia risked negative publicity abroad, as if it had any good image at all, and that the country would lose a huge chunk of revenue from tourism.

She further complained, as expected, that her ministry was never consulted, in clear case that the ailing dictator Mr. Sata never meets his government ministers to discuss such serious issues leaving each minister operate like semi-presidents on their own depending on who has given them chunks of money in gratification.

While the Zambianwatchdog has detailed information on the chaos that goes on during the less than 10 minutes cabinet meetings chaired by Mr. Sata, we have so far been retraining ourselves to be so graphic to avoid further embarrassment and stress to the bed-ridden president who is paid a huge salary and allowances every month for doing nothing but keeps receiving free medication inside State House.

It is not clear now which of the two ministers, Masebo and Kalaba, would be punished when the patient wakes-up briefly, for the two sharp different positions on a serious national issue that has caught world attention.

Our suspicion is Masebo’s days in Cabinet are now numbered because most likely, Mr. Sata was the first one to receive a huge envelope in Austrian Dollars, hence the arrogance by Kalaba who also got a share, to give a title deed to the mining firm against the advice from the Zambian Environmental Agency that rejected the application.

Despite her loose public morals, this is one rare case that Masebo has really demonstrated some integrity by daring the corrupt administration in order to protect the Lower Zambezi National Park that contains some of the rare species not found anywhere in the world.

Being someone who actually grew-up from that side of the country, she surely took this position passionately but there has so far been no word from George Chellar’s Facebook page which is running the country and widely quoted by lazy government journalists.

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