Masebo guilty of misconduct but not really guilty – Tribunal

The Tribunal probing former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo has found her guilty of misconduct for dissolving the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board. The tribunal has also found her guilty of firing senior managers and cancelling duly awarded hunting concessions. According to the report handed over to President Michael Sata in the… morning of Wednesday 26/03/14 and seen by the Zambian Watchdog, the tribunal however says Masebo did not take pecuniary advantage from the action she took. The report that was accessed from within State House grounds by the Zambian Watchdog says Masebo only did not breach part 2 of the Parliamentary and Ministerial Code of Conduct. This means that Masebo will not lose her parliamentary seat. When contacted for a comment, lawyers representing petitioner William Harrington refused to comment saying they have not yet seen the report. “What? We have not yet seen the report. You already have it? We will comment after having sight of the report” one of the lawyers said.
Former Transport and communication Minister William had petitioned the Acting Chief Justice to set up a tribunal to probe Masebo for dissolving the ZAWA board, firing senior ZAWA managers and cancelling duly awarded tenders. The fired managers sued the Zambian government for wrongful dismissal and have since won the case in the Industrial Relations Court.
Report will be posted here shortly

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