Masebo has set grounds for Sata’s Impeachment-Kaingu

MMD Vice President for Political Affairs Dr. Michael Kaingu says the opposition will use Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo’s testimony during the ongoing tribunal to institute impeachment proceedings against President Sata. Dr. Kaingu says Masebo’s testimony during the tribunal that President Michael Sata directed her to breach the constitution by cancelling duly awarded tender are enough grounds to table an Impeachment motion in Parliament. Speaking in an interview, Dr. Kaingu said it is very clear so far that Masebo breached the Code of conduct governing the operations of a Minister and for Masebo to testify that she was authorised by President Michael Sata to break the law was enough to impeach the President. “We shall use Honorable Masebo’s testimony during the tribunal set up to probe her when she said President Sata directed her to break the law to commence impeachment proceeding against President Sata. The law is very clear on what to do when the President breaches the constitution. It is impeachment and this time we are not going to look for evidence somewhere, Masebo volunteered information and said Sata directed her to do what she did at Zambia Wildlife Authority(ZAWA), so she was simply told can you break the law. We will have no option but to commence impeachment proceedings whether the tribunal finds Masebo wanting or not” Dr.Kaingu said. On Tuesday 04/03/14, Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo told the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal that President Sata directed her to cancel duly awarded tenders by the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and also fire senior managers without following procedure. Attorney general who is also government chief legal advisor told the tribunal that Masebo was wrong to cancel tenders awarded by ZAWA becuase she had no authority at all.

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