Masebo imports UNWTO ushers from Lusaka, hires buses from Willie Nsanda

Livingstone residents are up in arms with the PF government, particularly Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo’s decision to ‘import’ ushers for the forth-coming United Nations World Tourism Organisations (UNWTO) from Lusaka.

The residents feel that they have been dribbled several times despite the tourist town having a PF member of parliament.

Silvia Murambiwa Masebo has engaged services of another PF crook Jimmy Fingers to identify and train the ushers from Lusaka when the Livingstone residents thought they would benefit in a small way having lost out on a number of contractors already.

The ushers are currently being trained at Jimmy Fingers lodges and PF presidential campaign manager who is also RDA board chairperson Willie Nsanda’s buses have been hired for transportation services for the ushers and other guest.

So far, the Zambian government has hired a number of companies from South Africa and Lusaka to do business towards the UNWTO preparations and management.

Sources said the residents might even resort to protests over the recent decision to engage people from Lusaka to do ushering.

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