Masebo is lying, Scott walked out meeting – PF NEC members

Members of the Central Committee expressed shock that Acting President, Guy Scott ended Monday’s Meeting abruptly despite earlier assurance that the party should put behind its differences and start afresh.
In a statement issued on Monday evening, members of the Central Committee expressed shock that the Acting President, disrespected the national anthem when he walked amidst its singing.
The members were also infuriated that a statement was issued by Sylvia Masebo did not express the correct version of events of the meetings.
They stated that only the Acting President or the Secretary General are spokespersons of the Party and felt that they had a duty to put the record straight as Ms Masebo had misrepresented facts.
The members stated that the motion or debate to adopt a presidential candidate through the Central Committee was almost unanimous except for a few members but Masebo stated that the debate was suspended.

Below is the full statement.



We have been forced to release details of the Central Committee meeting that took place at State House today, November 17,2014.

We fear that information is being manipulated and some members serving sectional interests are sacrificing the Truth for expediency and political trickery.

Further we recognize that only the President and Secretary-General of the PF are the legitimate spokespersons of the party but Hon. Sylvia Masebo purporting to represent the Acting President and the Central Committee has issued a statement.

We wish to state that the statement issued by Hon. Masebo is not an entire reflection of the true position of the proceedings of the Central Committee.

We wish to state the following in order to set the record straight:

The meeting started at 11:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs. and resumed at 15:00hrs to 16:00 hrs.

The meeting amended the proposed Agenda from the “General Conference” to the “The Way Forward.”

Although the Central Committee had many concerns regarding the previous conduct of the Acting President, Dr Guy Scott pleaded for reconciliation and urged us to start afresh.

After an extensive debate, it was almost unanimously resolved that the Central Committee will be the body to adopt the party Presidential Candidate.

Members of the Central Committee spoke to the motion at hand.

The majority of the members of the Central Committee spoke in favour of the motion, and only very few spoke against.

Concerns were raised regarding time; resources, security and the concerns of unity and members felt that it was prudent that the Central Committee adopts the successful candidate.

The meeting also resolved that time should be given to other interested candidates to file their nominations and that the next Central Committee Meeting will consider those applications.

We regret that the Acting President decided to unilaterally end the meeting by giving an excuse that he needed to consult further on Articles 52 and Article 58(l) and (m).

Therefore it is not true as reported that the Central Committee suspended debate on the adoption of the Presidential Candidate.

At this stage Dr. Scott ended the meeting in disarray and without reaching conclusion on the matter.

In our view, Dr. Scot returned to his old ways of acting unilaterally.

During the singing of the national anthem we were shocked that Dr. Scott walked out of the meeting, as the National Anthem was being sung.

This was disrespectful to the Meeting and to the sovereignty of the country as the national anthem is a sacred symbol of the country.


1. Rasford Chipolo Mwale MCC
2. Mrs. Kamayoyo Oyat MCC
3. Mr. Sylvester Mtonga MCC
4. John Chisanga MCC
5. Benson K. Chali MCC1523510_848558228528262_589878498053016666_o

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