Masebo, Mangani tumble as William Banda meets his type

Masebo, Mangani tumble as William Banda meets his type

Unofficial results show that former MP for Chongwe Sylvia Masebo has lost the seat.

And in Chipata central, another former MP Lameck Managni has tumbled to the ruling MMD. Both candidates were standing on the PF ticket.

Counting in both constituencies is almost complete but official results will be announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia starting around mid morning.

Meaqnwhile, QFM radio reports that MMD Lusaka province chairman William Banda is reported to have been beaten last night by unknown people.

According to information obtained, Mr. Banda is said to have gone to Chibolya Basic School to harass policemen who were manning the school.

Mr.Banda is said to have insulted the policemen that there were not doing their job in protecting the party in government.

As his team of party cadres was driving away, some unknown people dragged Mr. Banda out of the car and beat him.

It was at that point that Mr. Banda fired three gun shots, making his attackers scampering in all direction leaving the restless MMD Lusaka province chairman screening for help.

A few hours ago, Mr. William Banda was said to be admitted to the University teaching Hospital.

Some Police officers confirmed to QFM News on the incident.

And Deputy Commissioner of police Auxenxio Mbewe was last evening stoned by unruly MMD cadres as he led a unit of riot police to rescue electoral officers that were caught in the violence in John Leing.

Mbewe who spoke to journalists immediately after the rescue operation said the riotous behaviour is being spearheaded by young men who he said do not have anything to do.

he discosed that he was stoned on his forehead as well as his left leg as his unit apprehended 10 of the riotous.

he said his unit was reinforcing and heading back to John Leing to try and contain the situation in the area where tires are being burnt on the roads as youths continue to ran amok.

The Police Commissioner stated that it is only the Lusaka that is experiencing sporadic of violence.

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