Masebo opts to working from home fearing leakages on Zambianwatchdog

TOURISM and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo has now opted to be working from home for fear of leakages from her ministry as well as some officials from the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to some online publications, sources in the industry have said.

“She has been upset that whatever decisions she makes reaches the Zambian Watchdog within a space of time and so from yesterday, she abandoned the office and said she will be working from home. What she is not realizing is that the Zambian Watchdog is actually inside her house,” said the source.

The source said that she feels let down by the people that pushed her to cancel the safari licenses as well as fire five top officials at ZAWA.

The source further said that she told officers at the ministry that all the people that supported her decision to cancel the license as well as firing of the top management officers at ZAWA had now abandoned Masebo.

“I feel left alone to face the tribunal alone and all these people that misled me have abandoned me,” Masebo told the officers. To make the matters worse you people here and some of your friends at ZAWA are leaking everything to the Zambian Watchdog,” added Masebo, according to the source.

The source said that despite Masebo complaining about being abandoned, she has actually messed up things at the ministry as well as ZAWA. The source said the strikes by ZAWA officers were on the rise while in fighting among the ZAWA board members had also become the order of the day.

“Just look at the mess she has caused, she wants to give Vlahakis a job using the back door, board members are always fighting and most of the ZAWA staff are on strike. The president has been too kind to her and we patiently wait and see how this kindness will last,” said the source.

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