Masebo orders Livingstone traders to vacate the streets

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo has ordered the removal of all street vendors in  the streets of Livingstone .

Ms Masebo who led a team of council officials and state police in riot gear forced street vendors out of the streets in a bid to bring sanity in the tourist capital .

She said that there was need to remove all streets vending activities in order to bring sanity to the city ahead of the United Nations World Tourism General Assembly (UNWTO) which is in August this year.

The Minister said trading on the streets has made the streets very dirty and crowded, a situation she noted was not condusive for tourists.

” We can not allow a situation where our streets are so conjested with all sorts of merchandise without room for the people and tourists to freely walk and do their activities, so I want everyone out,” Ms Masebo said.

“And it is unfortunate that the council decided to allow this situation to become what it is today instead of taking action and stop people from trading on the streets,” she added.

Ms Masebo also ordered the immediate removal of advertisements such as billboards which were placed wrongly.

She however told the traders that she will find a suitable place for them to trade from and not on the main streets.


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