PF candidate in Mangango calls campaign chair Masebo “wena Lihuule!”

PF Elections chairperson Sylvia Masebo and Mangango PF candidate Rogers Lyambai Lingweshi recently traded insults, forcing Masebo to abandon the campaigns.

According to PF insiders, the aged Lingweshi was duped that PF would give him a lot of money for campaigns but was annoyed when he was told that all funds would be controlled by campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta. Lingweshi who is a peasant farmer and spends most time drinking local brew took the election as a chance for him to make quick money and does not mind losing. He also suspects that Mwaliteta and his team are using the campaign funds for personal use, especially that President Michael Sata would not go there to check the preparations.

To get over the frustration, Lingweshi went into wild drinking missing the campaigns and when he was found, Masebo tried to rebuke him for the action but he went vile. Lingweshi insulted Masebo calling her ‘Lihuule’ or prostitute in local language. The remarks angered Masebo who even boycotted the campaign and went back to Lusaka but was only convinced to return by Wynter Kabimba and Guy Scott. She was spotted in the constituency yesterday (sunday) alongside Gabriel Namulambe and other pro Kabimba faction members.

“He was very drunk so the honourable was just asking him to behave but he insulted her and it was a bad sight. The honourable was very annoyed and even left for Lusaka because calling a respectable woman as a lihuule is so disrespectful here. He further said that he was only forced to contest the seat on PF ticket” said the source.

And the divisions in PF are making it hard for their candidate to sell his message, Lingweshi is viewed as a team Kabimba candidate and members loyal to other factions like team GBM, team Mulenga Sata and team Given Lubinda are decampaigning him.

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