Masebo reacts to Teta’ s charges

Former Local Government and Housing Minister Sylvia has denied allegations of corruption in the procurement of 100 hearses,150 constituency vehicles, boats and utility trucks

And Mrs. Masebo has challenged her successor, Benny Tetamashimba to state clearly the people that involved in the purchase of the 100 hearses at a cost of US$2.9 million.

Ms Masebo has however, describe the move taken by Mr.Tetamashimba to call her and explain to the public about the transaction of the hearses and other vehicles as cheap political propaganda.

She told a media briefing in Lusaka today that Mr. Tetamashimba, who is the current minister in the same ministry, was aware of the transaction of the hearses for which, K14 billion was been paid towards the purchase during his (Tetamashimba) tenure of office.

She charged that the decision to purchase the hearses was made in May last by her, with the help of the former Permanent Secretary (PS) Joel Ngo and Mr. Tetamashimba himself, who was then Deputy Ministers with Dr. Eustachio Kazonga.

Ms Masebo explained that she was responsible for making decisions but did not take part in the implementation processes which was regarded as any administrative matter and required the attention of the Permanent Secretary and Directors in the ministry.

She pointed out the decision was reached at after various consultations from the Directors within the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, the Zambia National Tender Board (ZNBT), which even advertised for tenders to supply the 100 hearses to the Ministry.

She stated that that it was irresponsible for Mr. Tetamasimba to claim that there were some irregularities in the transaction when he was part of it as a deputy minister.

Mrs. Masebo added that there was no need for Mr. Tetamashimba to claim that he does not understand the transaction, adding that the implementation process and partial payment and delivery of the hearses were made during time he took over the ministry as minister.

She further advised Mr. Tetamashimba to stop issuing reckless statements but instead report the matter to law enforcement agencies that can come up with a conclusive report for the public to understand the transactions.

Ms Masebo was reacting to Mr. Tetamashimba who said he has reported her to the Anti Corruption Commission and the Auditor General Office so that she could explain the transactions in the purchase of 100 hearses to the pubic and President Rupiah Banda.

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