Masebo reacts to tribunal call, says has no respect for Zambian Watchdog

Tourism minister Slyvia Masebo is saddened by media attacks targeted at her son, Dick Masebo Jr, currently serving the Zambian government as the third top diplomatic official at the mission in Japan.

Masebo, featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Show Tuesday morning, alleged that bitter individuals where hiding behind online publications to parrot malicious lies about their opponents.

The Chongwe Member of Parliament says she has no respect for online publications, particularly the Zambian Watchdog, which she claimed she rarely reads unless when told whenever she was the subject.

“I have no respect for the [Zambian] Watchdog. I rarely read the Watchdog until someone calls me and says ‘oh Masebo have you seen what is in the Watchdog?’,” she said.

A few months ago Masebo was calling for the closure of the Watchdog saying it will negatively affect the hosting of the UN tourism council.

Masebo, whose political career started as a councilor rising to deputy mayor in the Lusaka City Council where she served with then town clerk Wynter Kabimba (now PF secretary general and justice minister), says she was a tested politician who can take in any amount of mud but not when it was directed at her family.

“I don’t mind people attacking me because I am a politician but when they start attacking me, my children, my son and you even give him the father whom he doesn’t know, that is something else,” Masebo, who a few months ago mocked MMD vice-president Michael Kaingu for his daughters’ role in a pornographic video, lamented.

“It’s unfair and unfortunate to hide identity to attack me. They get to the Watchdog and post comments, newspapers for bitter people that carry malicious stories for that matter, insulting me.”

Masebo admitted she was not an angel but denied she was corrupt and invited William Harrington, a former minister who has announced intensions to press for a tribunal to investigate her in the manner she has handled the Zambia Worldlife Authority, to visit her office and obtain more deals.

“I may make a mistake but all the decisions I have made [on Zawa] are correct. I am not a corrupt person, I have never been and will never be. Now am old, I should have been corrupt may be when I was young,” she said.

Masebo said she was happy Harrington wanted to take her case to the tribunal.

“Before he goes to court, he should come and get more information. This is a new government. We must make drastic decisions. Even an intelligent man like Mr Harrington will make statements without thinking twice.

“I am not an unfair woman, I am committed to my work. Court or no court, I will be clean. Those going to tribunal are more than welcome,” she declared.

Masebo defended her decision to dissolve the ZAWA board which was instituted by embattled foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda and her subsequent sacking of management at the institution..

“I am not an angel but I consult,” she said. “The gains we will make [after one year ban of hunting] is more than the losses.”

Masebo pleaded with the Zambian population to understand and appreciate that the PF government was serving their interest and should realise what was good for themselves and the country.

She announce that, God willing, a new ZAWA board which has been subjected to the traditional clearance check will be announced before the end of this week and that their immediate directive will be to advertise vacancies at ZAWA to engage professionals.

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