Masebo ready to resign over ZAWA

Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo says she is ready to resign if proved her action in the Zambia Wildlife Association saga was unconstitutional.

Masebo dissolved the ZAWA board and cancelled tenders after her partners were not awarded contracts.

She says anyone with a problem on how she is handling the ZAWA issue has a constitutional right to report her to investigative wings.

Masebo says she would not have acted in the manner she did if the evidence of alleged corruption at ZAWA was not before her table.

She says there was not personal in her actions.

And Qfm reports that she will not be intimidated by mafia tactics aimed at derailing her efforts aimed at restoring sanity in the wildlife sector.

Masebo claims that she is ready to make unpopular decisions as long as such decisions are in the best interest of the country.

She adds that the lack of proper management of the wildlife sector has led to the extinction of the cats which include lions, tigers and leopards, among other animal species in the country.

The minister was speaking during a consultative meeting with the Safari Hunters in Lusaka on Wednesday.


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    Luangwa dweller 5 years

    I can not belive the ignorance i am seeing here. OMG!! I will blame Zambian watchdog for the that comment about the extinction of all big cats including tigers. do you know what you are talking about? have there ever been tigers in zambia? bane donchi kunamana. i would advise you all to take a keen interest in the wildlife sector and not just make claims with no evidence.

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    Animal Lover 5 years

    Ba Zambia, think of it this way. We can’t even afford to feed our children yet these hunters come into our country and kill our animals such as leopards, lions and tigers and take the skin with them and sell them abroad for thousands and thousands of dollars. They profit from this and come back for more because they realize there is a demand and won’t stop till they get the very last animal. Mink fur coats are very expensive starting from $10,000 and above and Jackels provide an excellent source for fur coats. You’ve seen the rappers videos on TV wearing them so guess how much they go for. Most privately own reserves sell bush meat illegally such as warthog, impala etc to private international markets who can afford to buy it as it’s considered a luxury and sold at very expensive prices. Many years ago I remember a gentleman in the US, who owned a mini zoo asking if I knew someone who could smuggle him baby lions and cheetah’s and that he was willing to pay a fortune, maybe he is one of those guys involved in smuggling animals, who knows. So for all those busy throwing insults or those who don’t understand conservation, try to do a research. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find and learn at the same time. Keep in mind that people who don’t appreciate the ban will keep coming up with all sorts of tactics and excuses to keep their businesses abroad alive by killing our animals because all they care about is putting money in their pockets at the expense of our animals.

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    burger king 5 years

    fuck masebo…just like the way she made alot of people homeless in masiopa compound she now wants to make alot of people jobless in the safari industry,,,heartless woman ull go to hell for sll the trouble you make people go through.

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    Chairman 5 years

    PF Has extremely become difficulty to believe Their Actions suffice To Say that tyrany Is AT Play.Many minister Have become vicious like leopards.No respect for rights and If you advise they think you are blackmailing them.One such Pe ople is mines Minister Who worked With US and We even Introduced him into wusakile constituence away from his home town.Many of these leaders are intoxicated With Power and by The Time they Recover it will be 2016

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    this country has been turned into a play ground. what surprises me are issues, what is currently going on investigations after investigations when is the pf going to start developing the poor zambia. I wish people could open their eyes and see what is really happening. If its not arrests then its something to do with accidents,killings one question we need to ask our selves is were such things happening in the previous governments or maybe we have sold our country to ……. lets pray for our country zambia.

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    AbuBintain 5 years

    Let me say once more BRAVO! Sylvia Masebo BRAVO!

    You have more courage than I imagined.

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    lateefah 5 years

    twanaka nemwe bakelenka

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    Just resign masebo, party pro*****…………..

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    Some-Of-Us 5 years

    Why do our leaders always say: “I will resign, but terms and conditions apply.”

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    joc 5 years

    does it mean that under the constitution the minister can hire and fire at will? the Honorable thing in my view is that management in ZAWA should HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED in order to pave way for investigations. Honorable Masebo should revisit her decision for heavens sake

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    zambia for ever 5 years

    So is there going to be futur plans to restore the TIGER population?? Kekekekekekekeke

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    Honorable Minister hope you did not dismiss people because of your failure to locate TIGERS in our National Parks.

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    Patriotic Zambian 5 years

    Wants to impress her boyfriend Kabimba and Sata. You suck lady, shame on your, power hungry, how many political parties are you go to serve under iwee kanshi? You are a disgrace to women folk ka sylvia, is it not jst recentlly that sata used to make fun of you ati ba local govt minister, she does nothing but dressing to kill as the most dressed up minister in the southern africa, lelo ati kudyela pamodzi, ata ma rubbish bati. Put your legs together you are now old iwee.

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    manu4life 5 years

    We have no tigers in Zambia ba Masebo naimwe.