Masebo reports her PS to sata, accusing him of leaking information to journalists

Masebo reports her PS to sata, accusing him of leaking information to journalists

Tourism and Arts Minister  Sylvia Masebo on Tuesday went to State House to complain against her Permanent Secretary George Zulu for allegedly leaking information to the media prompting Sata  to  swap Zulu with Information Permanent Secretary Stephen Mwansa.
A source has told the Zambian Watchdog that Masebo alleged that Zulu is collaborating with some Safari Hunters who are against the ban on hunting and blocking the appointment of new ZAWA board. Further Masebo told the President that Zulu has been working with former Tourism Minister William Harrington to call for the Chief Justice to appoint a tribunal.

“She went to State House to complain that Zulu is behind the many leakages at the Ministry and also blamed Zulu for working with Harrington to push for the tribunal. After the President made the changes she was even boasting that the President listens to her” the source said.

The source however said the problem between Zulu and Masebo is because Zulu has been calling for a forensic Audit into the recently held UNWTO.
“The President is aware that Zulu and Masebo have differed over UNWTO. Zulu wants a forensic audit that may affect Masebo because Masebo abused her authority of office by awarding tenders to people like Kennedy Kamba and Geofrey Chumbwe when the controlling officer is supposed to be the PS. She also committed government to an expenditure of K 77,000 to a Livingstone Hotel when she reserved rooms but the rooms were not occupied and the hotel is demanding for money. She personally signed the commitment on the Ministry’s Letterhead and Zulu says it was irregular because he did not know about it. However the President can’t do anything to Masebo as you know she is Wynter Kabimba’s concubine as you Zambian Watchdog would call her. She is also very close to Fred Mmembe from the time of Levy Mwanawasa” the source said.

The source said Masebo initially wanted Zulu fired but Zulu is also connected to President Sata through Paramount Chief Mpezeni.

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