Masebo says she won’t resign

Masebo says she won’t resign

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 18.00.53Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo has labeled those calling for her resignation in view of the tribunal constituted to probe her alleged misconduct with regards the operations of the Zambia Wildlife Authority as hired guns.

Masebo has declared that she has no intention of stepping down despite the allegations levelled against her.

Masebo told journalists in Lusaka today that those calling for her resignation are hired guns of what she has termed as some wildlife criminals.

Masebo said Harrington has no powers to tell her to step aside until after the Tribunal investigating her has concluded its sittings.

Masebo said only President Michael Sata has the power to ask her to resign.

She said Mr. Harrington now has the opportunity to go to tribunal and prove his allegations with evidence.

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