Masebo tears ACC report on cancellation of Safari hunting

TOURISM and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo last week stunned Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) officers when she tore the report of the findings on the cancellation of safari tenders as well as the sacking of Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) top officers claiming the report did not meet her expectations.

The ACC found nothing wrong with the manner the safari hunting licenses were offered as well as any corrupt practices involving senior officers at ZAWA, sources at ACC have stated.

“We have completed the investigations into the cancellation of the safari license and the firing of ZAWA officers and when we presented it to the  minister last week before she got too busy with the campaigns in Livingstone, she tore the report and said its useless,” said senior officials at the ACC.

The source said that Masebo was upset because that ACC could not find anything corrupt in the manner the safari license were issued and that there was nothing criminal that involved the sacked ZAWA officers.

“She threw the report and told us to go and do fresh investigations which should find something against ZAWA workers as well as the way the manner the safari licenses were given. She wants to save herself from embarrassment because she knows that she cancelled the ZAWA hunting tender when she had no such authority and even fired employees without any proof of corruption,” said the source.

The source further explained that the ACC officers were disappointed with Masebo’s behavior saying there was nothing corrupt in the manner the tenders were awarded.

“It is difficult for us to manufacture evidence of corruption because we would not be able to substantiate it should the matter be taken to court. It is in fact Masebo who should be investigated because she wants to corruptly give hunting blocks to her friends,” said the source.

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