Masebo tells Kasama PF cadres to look for GBM’s replacement

Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo was last weekend reported to have angered some PF supporters in Kasama when she told them to start looking for a new Member of Parliament because the current one may not last.

The source said Ms. Masebo, who recently replaced Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya (GBM) as PF chairperson for elections said this when some PF cadres accosted her for refusing to give them money after they found her dishing money to MMD officials to call for removal of their party president Nevers Mumba.

A source from Kasama and a senior civil servant told the Zambian Watchdog that  Ms. Masebo who had earlier sent one of the provincial administration vehicles to mobilise the district executive office bearers gave each one of them K r3000 at Kasama Lodge.

The source said it seems Ms. Masebo’s mission was not to tour tourism attractions in Northern province but to use government resources to destabilise the opposition political party.

Last week Masebo accused GBM’s Defence ministry of negligence by failing to secure the Zambian airspace.


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