Masebo threatens to resign as her advisor owes ZAWA US $300,000

Former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo is said to be contemplating resigning her Parliamentary seat as Chongwe Member of Parliament. Meanwhile, information has emerged that Masebo’s advisor Yousuf Zumla owes the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) more than US $ 300,000 accumulated for several years. A source has disclosed that Masebo has been telling her close friends including Vice President Guy scot that she would rather resign her parliamentary seat and cause a by-elections because the Patriotic Front and President Michael Sata in particular have failed to protect her. She says the current investigations by the Anti Corruption Commission and the impending summoning by the ACC is very embarrasing to her. ” She says the PF and President Michael Sata have not come to her aid,” the source said.
Meanwhile, fresh information has emerged that Eastern Safaris Director Yousuf Zumla who advised Masebo to illegally dissolve the ZAWA board owes ZAWA more than US $ 300,000 in concession fees accumulated for over ten years. It is also reported that former ZAWA investigations officer Gerald Chimtenje Msoni also misled Masebo to fire senior Managers at ZAWA. Mr. Zumla is being used by a Mr. David Cummings and Guy Scot. He believes ZAWA can forgive him of the US $ 300,000 debt he owes through his other companies Anna Tree Lodge in Lower Zambezi and another Lodge called Mushika lodge also in lower Zambezi,” the source said. Zumla owes ZAWA through among others, escort fees, variable fees, fixed fees and direct deposit invoices. He was hoping that Masebo would direct ZAWA to write off the debt. On Gerald Msoni, the source said he was dismissed by former Director General Lewis Saiwana during the reign of President Mwanawasa for various offences. The source said Msoni had been lobbying Masebo so that he gets back to ZAWA as Head of Intelligence. “Msoni also misled Masebo. He had been giving her fake information when they used to meet at Pamodzi Hotel. All he wanted was to get his job back at ZAWA,” the source said.

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