Masebo to present fake licence to tribunal

Masebo to present fake licence to tribunal

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo will on Monday, March 3, 2014, present a fake Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) special hunting license to the tribunal probing her.

Zambian Watchdog investigations have revealed that Masebo on Sunday March, 2,2014 brought in a ZAWA Scout from Livingstone by the name of a Mr. Yuyi to backdate a special hunting license.

According to intelligence information monitored in Lusaka on Sunday, Masebo is very worried that she verbally gave permission to Livingstone District Commissioner Paul Sensele to hunt animals against the ZAWA Act no 12 of 1998 that requires a Minister to issue a written special license in rare circumstances.

It is believed that Yuyi together with a Mr. Momba are the ZAWA Scouts that were given the responsibility to hunt the wild animals.

Yuyi has been told to sign a backdated hunting license that will be presented by Masebo’s lawyers in court.


Masebo with some pilot

Masebo with some pilot

Among the items that former Tourism Minister William Harrington want the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal to investigate Masebo is alleged abuse of office by verbally ordering the slaughter of wild animals without a written notice.

When Yuyi was by the Zambian Watchdog on his mobile phone number 0977717768, he confirmed that he was in Lusaka.  He did not know that he was talking to the Watchdog.

When he was told that the person who was calling him had instructions from Minister Masebo to deliver money, he asked to meet him at ZAWA Chilanga office. ” My Name is George. I have been instructed by the Honorable Minister to give you US 2000 Dollars. Should I give you Zambian Kwacha or US $. Where are you by the way? The Watchdog asked him.

“I’m in Chilanga, I can not discuss that on phone. Let us meet at the ZAWA Warden office in 30 minutes time” Yuyi responded. The Petitioners tomorrow close their case just after Attorney General Mumba Malila testifies. Malila is likely to lie under oath and testify that he advised Masebo to fire the ZAWA Management and board. Malila tried every thing possible to block the setting up of the tribunal until Lusaka High Court Judge Dominic Sichinga ruled that the tribunal should go ahead. See Harrington’s grounds of setting up tribunal and the section of the ZAWA Act that regulates on how a Minister can issue a special license.

This is the second time Masebo will present a fake document in the tribunal.  Last week she presented a letter from the Anti-Corruption Commission purportedly written in 2012. But investigations show that the letter was manufactured by Masebo and the ACC a few weeks ago.

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