Masebo tribunal stopped as govt get injunction against itself

There is circus in the judiciary under Lombe Chibesakunda as in un-precedent move the Government has been granted an injunction against itself. A source has told the Zambian Watchdog that Government has obtained an injunction to restrain the Acting Chief Justice from setting up the tribunal to investigate Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo.

“Please Watchdog publish this. There is circus in this government. Have you ever heard of government getting an injunction against government? it has happened for the first time in the world and in Zambia. The Attorney General Mumba Malila, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo together with Lombe Chibesakunda met on Friday after delivering the letter of appointment of the tribunal to President Sata and agreed that an injunction against the formation of the tribunal be issued” the sources said.

The Source said it was irregular for the state to obtain an injunction against itself.

The source said there was no way the state can obtain an injunction against petitioner William Harrington because he is not the one who set up the tribunal but the chief Justice. “This means that the state has obtained an injunction against the Acting Chief Justice. I do not know what is happening to the Attorney General and the Chief Justice.

Is the President alive you people” he asked. The source further what makes matters worse is that the injunction was obtained on Friday last week while Harrington was written to this Monday.When contacted for a comment William Harrington’s Lawyer of PNP Advocates confirmed the development. ” Yes we know the state obtained an injunction on Friday but we shall divulge more information in court”

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