Masebo under pressure to refund monies

Former Tourism and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo is under extreme pressure to refund huge sums of money that she acquired in legal bill from Eastern Safaris operator Yousuf Zumla and a named bus operator of Indian origin hence suing former Transport Minister William Harrington sources have said.

Masebo had assured Zumla and a bus operator who operates his businesses on Chandwe Musonda road  in Lusaka that once the Roydah Kaoma tribunal clears her, she would reinstate the tenders so as to benefit the two businessmen of Asian origin.

“Masebo collected a lot of money from Zumla and a prominent transporter who operates along Chandwe Musonda road. She promised them that she would pay them their monies once the tribunal clears her as she would reinstate the tenders to suit their desires,” said the source

The source said that the two, Zumla and a named transporter were instrumental in influencing Masebo to fire the five top ZAWA employees and cancel the tenders because of the interest that they have in safari hunting.

“With the assurances from masebo, they handsomely paid for her legal fees as well as other costs, thinking that once she was cleared, they would be paid back their monies,’ said the source.

As a result of failing to achieve her desires to be cleared by the tribunal, she has now sued Harrington claiming costs incurred during the tribunal sitting as well as legal fee.

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