Masebo wants Timothy Mushibwe as ZAWA director

Masebo wants Timothy Mushibwe as ZAWA director

Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board vice chairperson Timothy Mushibwe, the man seen by many ZAWA employees as the architect behind the mess the authority is tipped to be ZAWA director general, senior members of ZAWA have revealed.

The officials said that the scheme mooted by Tourism and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo would also see the current acting director general Xen Vlahakis replacing Charity Mwansa as permanent secretary at the ministry of Tourism and Arts.

“ZAWA is in this mess because at the inception of ZAWA, the consultants that were mandated to transform the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to ZAWA failed their duty as their interest succeeded national interest. For example the guideline was to maintain a lean structure that is effective and well paid but this was not the outcome as what they had put was a bloated structure of managers and few game scouts which was a complete opposite of NPWS and what you should not forget is that Mushibwe was in charge of the restructuring,”said the senior official at ZAWA.

Previously, Mushibwe was a senior partner in Deloitte and Touche, the firm that was engaged as consultants in transforming NPWS into ZAWA.

The source said that even during the time of the transformation, Mushibwe had attempted to get the position of Director for Commercial Services at ZAWA but his bid flopped. The source therefore wondered why Masebo was still interested in Mushibwe despite the mess that he has caused to ZAWA.

“Timothy has been put in the forefront in all major ZAWA decision making processes. He was in the fore front to cancel the safari hunting tenders as well as the firing of the five top officials from our institution. He has somehow compromised the board of ZAWA so as to make it become biased thereby not representing the interest of the authority but a certain community which the vice president is also supporting,” said the source.

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