Masebo was born Sylvia Murambiwa in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Masebo was born Sylvia Murambiwa in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Tourism and Arts Minister who is also Chongwe PF MP is not a full Zambian citizen, according to documents and information obtained from Chieftainess Nkomesha’s palace.

Sources from the palace said Ms. Masebo was actually born Sylvia Murambiwa in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) and only came to Zambia in the 1980s with her late mum and uncle (big brother to the mother).

She came from Rhodesia in the late 70s when they were running away from wars of Ian Smith fighting for independence.

Her mother became a best friend to Mukamambo Nkomesha the current chieftainess and left Sylvia Murambiwa Tembo in her hands.

Tembo is the name of her foster father who married Sylvia’s mother upon arrival in Zambia.

Sources said the uncle almost married the Chieftainess but the Indunas had to advise her that it was against tradition not marry foreigners and the marriage couldn’t go ahead.

But Silvia Murambiwa Tembo who later got married to a businessman Mr. Dick Masebo has since stuck with the royal family.

President Michael Sata and Guy Scott as opposition leaders kept on referring Ms. Masebo as a foreigner who was Mugabe’s niece.

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