Masebo’s extravagant life irks PF campaigners Livingstone

Tourism and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo’s extravagance  at the campaigns for the deferred Livingstone by-elections  has angered some senior members of Patriotic Front  (PF) , who complained that the money used for Masebo’s upkeep could have been channeled to the campaigns.

The senior members of the party, who were in the campaign team said that of all the ministers, it was only Masebo who was accommodated at Royal Livingstone, one of the country’s most expensive  hotels when the rest were in lodges while the majority sourced for cheaper accommodation.

“The extravagance of this woman is costing the party colossal sums of money. You can imagine the three or so weeks that we were in Livingstone she was staying at Zambezi Royal when all of us were in cheaper lodges and some were in some guest houses just to save money so that we use it for campaigns,” the source said.

Prior to the 2011 elections, the sources recalled that president Sata used to spend nights in villages or found alternative but cheaper accommodation so as to save the meager finances but wondered why Masebo, a new-comer was abusing finances with impunity.

The PF officials also complained of Masebo’s pomposity saying she was making other members of the party feel inferior, when she was just a new comer. As a result of her pomposity, the source said that Masebo was causing divisions in the party.

“The principle (Sata) used to stay in the villages and even now he has been talking about saving finances but here is somebody who has just joined us and she is spending as she wishes. Even the divisions in our party are caused by her. The earlier that this woman is removed the better for us,” said the source.

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