Masebo’s hooliganism threatens UNWTO Preparations

Workers in the Ministry of Tourism and Arts are living in fear due to Minister Sylvia Masebo’s hooliganism, where she is intimidating qualified personnel, so far she has suspended two directors and a senior purchasing officer for opposing her corrupt activities.

Director of tourism, a Mrs Zyambo, human resources director Ms Chuulu and Senior Purchasing Officer a Mr. Mukupa have been suspended after they blocked her intentions to corruptly award contracts pertaining to the UNWTO conference preparations. Masebo has been deeply involved in engaging the contractors and has been interfering and verbally abusing the qualified technocrats opposed to her corrupt activities.

“Imagine a situation where a Minister is busy negotiating with contractors and even threatening them instead of dealing with policy issues. She is working like an ordinary officer not Minister,” the source said.

In her quest to bring her own people on board, she firstly frustrated Permanent Secretary Charity Mwansa Currently at Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development because she was not easily moved with her bully tendencies. Now she has achieved a second goal by getting rid of director tourism and replacing her with Mrs Sianga, the officer she engineered to be brought to the Ministry. She even removed a Ms Chiluwe as Head of Secretariat for UNWTO and replaced her with this Sianga.

Mrs Zyambo was appointed director during the time Given Lubinda was Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs and Tourism. She is viewed by Masebo and her clique as being on Lubinda camp, who has fallen out of favour following his suspension not long ago from the Patriotic Front following a plot by his emissaries. His suspension has since been lifted.

The Source informed Zambian Watchdog that next to be fired is director of culture, a Mrs Gwaba whose position has been set

Masebo has also out sourced old PF women to work as Ushers, leaving out local young women with knowledge about the town and the move is feard will expose Zambia’s ill preparedness for the conference.

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