Masebo’s own witness said she had no right to cancel tender

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo’s own witness on Friday March 7, 2014 told the Justice Roydah Kaoma led tribunal that Ms. Masebo as Minister of Tourism had no right to cancel duly awarded tenders by the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) as she was not part of the tender committee.

Mr. Manus Simwanza, the ZAWA Head of Procurement was at pains to admit that Masebo was out of order.  But after repeated questioning by lawyer Makebi Zulu, Simwanza said that the only person who can cancel a duly awarded tender is a person who sits in the tender committee and a Minister does not sit in the tender committee.

Mr. Simwanza was at pains to answer questions until tribunal chairperson Roydah Kaoma directed him to answer the questions put to him.

It was also established during the tribunal that Mr Simwanza was fired as Director of Procurement at the then Zambia National Tender Board in 2009

It was also established during the tribunal that Simwanza was personally employed at ZAWA by Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo without following laid down procedure after she dismissed the duly employed head of procurement. The former head of procurement who was dismissed by Masebo has since won the case in the Industrial relations court for wrongful dismissal.

Masebo’s lawyers, Robert Simenza, Bonaventure Mutale and Michael Mundashi all of them State Counsels, then started asking their own witness questions.

Mr. Mundashi asked Simwanza to tell the tribunal who recommended him to get a job at ZAWA. Simwanza said it was the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA).

Mundashi then asked his own witness if he had a letter of recommendation from ZPPA to which Simwanza said he did not.

Meanwhile the tribunal that was supposed to end its sittings today (Friday) will instead end on Monday March 10, 2014 because the tribunal has subpoenad someone from ZPPA to come and testify as a tribunal witness. Justice Roydah Kaoma told both parties that the tribunal has already subpoenad someone from ZPPA to come and tighten the loose ends. She said all parties will have to file written submissions on Tusday March 11, 2014.

Masebo has been dragged to the tribunal by former tourism Minister William Harrington who alleges that Masebo breached the code of conduct when cancelled duly awarded tenders and dismissed senior managers at ZAWA. Meanwhile, information has emerged that a Zambian of Asian origin a Mr. Yusuf Zumla is the one who misled Masebo to cancel tenders at ZAWA. Yesterday Masebo told the tribunal that she received information about malpractices in the awarding of ZAWA tenders from a Zambian of Asian origin. It has today been revealed by a source close to Masebo that she feels Zumla misled her.


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