Masheke accuses KK of stealing UNIP property

Former Prime Minister in the UNIP government Malimba Masheke has accused first president Kenneth Kaunda (KK)of converting the property of UNIP to his family fortune.

And Masheke says KK has now become an MMD cadre.

General Masheke said in Lusaka Saturday that KK should not speak about Christianity because he is not one. He said before the former president can say anything about Christianity, he must first explain why UNIP property has been turned into his family fortune.

Masheke, who leads a pressure group in UNIP called revival forum, was speaking during a card renewal exercise for ‘UNIP’ members.

Masheke was incensed by KK’ comments on the ongoing wrangles in which he said Zambians should not insult the current president Rupiah Banda.

But Masheke said KK should talk about UNIP and not MMD.

He wondered what has changed in MMD that will make KK join as a cadre.

He recalled that KK used to refer to the MMD as the ‘Movement for Mandrax Dealers’ the time they worked together.

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