Masheke urges electorate to monitor transportation of ballot boxes to polling stations

General Malimba has appealed to Zambians to closely monitor the transportation of ballot boxes to their various destinations when they arrive in the country.

According to 5fm, Masheke said citizens should monitor transportation to avoid vote manipulation especially in remote areas which are vulnerable due to the distance from where the election material is coming from.

He said concerned parties should ensure there is transparency as the ballot boxes are distributed so that the nation can hold free and fair elections.

Masheke also condemned the public media for having failed the Zambian and being bias in their reporting ahead of the forthcoming polls.

He noted that there is no equal sharing of media space among the aspiring presidential candidates and such should be stopped.

Meanwhile, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Reverend Pukuta Mwanza accused the state media of being against the tenets of democracy by not giving balanced audience to all political aspirants.

Mwanza noted that only when the press exercise fair reporting can democracy grow as all candidates will have ample time to express themselves by selling their manifestos and outlining what they will do for the electorate when ushered into office.

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