Mast newspaper to be suspended as state of emergency measures

Mast newspaper to be suspended as state of emergency measures

PF President Edgar Lungu is expected to cause to publish the Do’s and Don’ts during the State of Emergency anytime soon.

Among these measures, according to our source, may be the prohibition of the Publication of the Mast Newspaper owned Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta Mmembe; restriction of Internet Services and security checks through body searches for anyone entering a government building.

” Please quote me correctly. I’m saying maybe because this is what I heard about before Lungu went to Southern Province,” the source said.

The source further said Commercial banks will be commanded to monitor the frequency of cash withdraws by customers and report to the Bank of Zambia twice per week.

Further, the Road Transport and Safety Agency will be directed to forward details of all personalised number plates to Zambia Police.

On clamping down of Internet, the source said the PF wanted to completely block internet in the country but the plan could not materialise because even banks would be affected.

” There will be alot of phone tapping of voice and sms especially on Zamtel because that is their company and can do what they feel like doing anytime. If you have to abandon Zamtel for a while the time is now,” the source said.

It is also believed that anyone found within 10 meters of a Zesco Pylon will face arrest, or converted into a corpse as Kapyongo says.

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