Mast newspaper to be suspended as state of emergency measures

PF President Edgar Lungu is expected to cause to publish the Do’s and Don’ts during the State of Emergency anytime soon.

Among these measures, according to our source, may be the prohibition of the Publication of the Mast Newspaper owned Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta Mmembe; restriction of Internet Services and security checks through body searches for anyone entering a government building.

” Please quote me correctly. I’m saying maybe because this is what I heard about before Lungu went to Southern Province,” the source said.

The source further said Commercial banks will be commanded to monitor the frequency of cash withdraws by customers and report to the Bank of Zambia twice per week.

Further, the Road Transport and Safety Agency will be directed to forward details of all personalised number plates to Zambia Police.

On clamping down of Internet, the source said the PF wanted to completely block internet in the country but the plan could not materialise because even banks would be affected.

” There will be alot of phone tapping of voice and sms especially on Zamtel because that is their company and can do what they feel like doing anytime. If you have to abandon Zamtel for a while the time is now,” the source said.

It is also believed that anyone found within 10 meters of a Zesco Pylon will face arrest, or converted into a corpse as Kapyongo says.


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    FuManchu 7 months

    Here we go again as MISA raises concern on the polarization of Zambian media and its journalists! However where do the frustrated air their grievances and right to be heard when the Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) are the major culprits for polarization among journalists? These three media outlets seem to forget that they are funded by the tax payer, they should have been the ones setting the highest of standards in both integrity and news coverage, instead the three are 100% pro ruling party and its cadres shutting out divergent views from the citizenry and other notable positive happenings in the opposition camp. The blacking out gives rise to fora which the three mouth pieces (TZ, ZDM, ZNBC) denies, thus the competition and window of reaching out to the public through alternate media houses gives relief to the silent frustrated majority catapulting the private media to unprecedented popularity! For government to contemplate stifling the Mast is also highlighting and admitting incompetence of its mouth pieces! PF lets admit it in my shared view with a circle of friends is a failed experiment!

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    stormy nights 7 months

    free press is necessary. the onlt reason that i pray for the post/mast closure completely is what they did in the past. those people were so divisive, so evil and polarising. they became a voice for the oppressor and ushered in pf. they need to pay for that.
    this crap of forgiving and forgetting evil that people visited on us must end. today they are in poo-poo and they want my support. aikona when i needed them they stabbed me in the eye. no forgiveness from me.

    close the motherfuckers down. let the daily nation and rest know that with their words they hurt peoples lives.

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    Mutopola 7 months

    Ba pf Zambia is not yo fathe,s farm where u just wake up and make state of emergency, chalk chabawiso,

  • Nima pempelo chabe. Only prayers. Mapepofye chabe. For our country. Our children’s future. Bcoz pipo sound bitter .

  • wow you are source of confusion,what are you trying to achieve ai?

  • I think they should also track you ( watchdogs) down.

  • My conclusion is that all of us that read watchdog are in love with it. How else does one open a page if in one’s mind they are full of nonsense and lies like some comments below?

  • me I wonder hw n why some pipo say dogs ar partisan whilst busy following partisan media tram.

  • Where’s the ZICTA so that they investigate the Admin of this useless page full of worthless and empty minded people??.
    It’s time you recognized him as Zambian President not PF President or else join your leader in Mukobeko.

  • Eh.. Converted futi???

  • Ama dancer enjoy your self loose your self to dance cause nayoyuma Apa Manje ya twerkeka na ba government ba maziba Download and share ‘SOFA’ Done by hottwitter fam prod by square B

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    Munene 7 months

    Good news to all peace loving Zambians. These dogs and mast are up to seeing Zambia in flames. Close them before it’s too late. How can a patriotic Zambian call for zamtel abandonment by discouraging customers? I wonder where these unzambian, dull, arsonists called watchdog live..? How do u wish bad for a country you live in..? Shame on u..!

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    Precious Mbuto 7 months

    Our country is falling apart!!! It makes me very sad and very sad and very crazy that these men are taking what God gave to us and throwing it to the waste with that of the animals. You see that all around us things are crumbling and our supporters are taking to the hills. We need to go back and make sure our economy is good and stop making angry the international people who support our econ economy. I seem from reading all over the internet that the IMF now does not believe in us, the mining companies think we are crazt to keep suing them, and even the foreign investors see we Zambians can’t run our own business – like they put in on article on the forum for investors in ZCCM

  • U predicated about state of emergency way bck and here it is nw

  • The banning of mast newspaper is welcome move,we want media which is profesional,if posible even watchdog should banned.

  • if you ar right people to govern the country why are you destroying it , becoz the same zamtel when u come to power you will find and use it.the same zesco,markets,bridges will be there in your time and you’ll do similar things as pf. lungu will not last forever his time is coming ,so if upnd means well for zambia why are u decompaigning zamtel and other government properties .count the remaining years to 2021 ,few, just condemn violence for betterment of our nation coz these fights showz how selfish all leaders( pf and upnd).

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    john 7 months


  • If that way will help in arresing terrorists then let it be so.

  • Good news, ba lungu. can you do it fast, fast

  • ..or converted into a corpse…” Kkkkkk

  • This may not be good at all


  • At democratic country ? Uhhh rubish

  • Tilu Kayabwe come ready this

  • People keep saying Mr Hakainde broke the law. Which law? Because laws are enacted and written for referral. Please may you thugs quote the actual law and post here. The state-not even worthy to be called a state… Has failed to take him to court on grounds that they realised they messed. Now they are using illegality, tramped state of emergency to make sure, they keep him in prison and no one voices against Pf president. What criminal offence did he commit to be condemned to mukobeko. Because they have already condemned and some of you are celebrating. Even Inonge wina at one time did petition her lose as MP it went up to high court. Because every Zambian politician has the right to petition and be heard. HH followed all channels!!!

  • Bushe mwe fi bwa why do u tell lies…

  • Why would one stop using a Zamtel line when he/she is not a criminal? Only those with criminal mindset will do that. The guilty are always afraid. Promote peace and unity and love imwe ba Watchdog. This kind of reporting will take the country nowhere. Ine and my family we will remain law abiding citizens of mother Zambia with reverence to the Lord.

    • Its not everyone who supports your pf, in short they are say that to those who comment against pf maybe dealt with because of this government.

  • look they will not ban mast paper unless they publish stories that are going to insight the public on zesco installations yes anybody found standing with tools near them will be picked for questioning it is not his property we lived with a law that said nobody passes near post offices after 18hr did you see people being arrested anyhow if the government say these properties are out if bounds after 18hrs which properties are not yours should you cry no unless you have bad motives