Masumba faces arrest for violence within PF in Mufumbwe

Masumba faces arrest for violence within PF in Mufumbwe

‘Donchi Kubeba’ MMD cadres lift Masumba when he joined PF recently

Embattled former Mufumbwe MP, Steven Masumba, faces arrest over the on-going violence within the PF for adoption in the forth coming parliamentary bye-election.

Sources within PF have told the Watchdog that instructions have already been given to arrest Masumba and charge him for conduct likely to cause breach of peace and effectively disqualify him for adoption under the PF.

Masumba won the Mufumbwe seat last year under MMD but opted for greener pastures by joining the ruling PF and continuously attacked the former ruling party that eventually expelled him.

He tried to cling on to the seat through a court order but eventually lost the case and the PF advised him not to appeal but instead join and re-contest the seat on the ruling PF.

But sources have told the Watchdog that the ruling PF now prefers to adopt former MP, Eliot Kamondo, in a move that has angered Masumba and called the PF organs corrupt and vote buying resulting in cancellation of the adoption process due to violence between rival camps.

“You know we did a ‘donchi kubeba’ on Masumba by asking him to join us yet we knew we would not adopt him,” a source within the party said.

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