Masumba: I haven’t been discarded, ZWD just wants to finish me

Mufumbwe MP Stephen Masumba says he has not been discarded but merely swapped roles with Sports and Youth Deputy Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu.

Mubukwanu will now serve as North Western Province in the same capacity.

The Watchdog on Friday reported that there is  new deputy minister in Northwestern province but the fate of Masumba is unknown.

The Watchdog further explained  the fact that Masumba was found with a case to answer in the matter he is charged of forging  diploma is no reason for Sata to fire him because Sata being a thug himself loves working with criminals.

Masumba told one of the PF newspapers that  he has merely been transferred to the Ministry of Sports and Youth in the same capacity.

“I’m still Deputy Minister in the PF government, infact am very happy with the transfer because President Sata has taken me to the right Ministry. As a Youth, I feel I can contribute significantly to the cause of the Zambian youth in my new portfolio,” Mr. Masumba said.

He explained in an interview that he takes great exception to the manner in which some online publications are covering him.

Mr. Masumba said some online publications are determined to ensure that his political life came to an abrupt finish.

“They are simply bent on finishing Masumba, even during the funeral for my beloved child, you saw how they covered me and my family. It is unfortunate that they are abusing the media freedoms to further their selfish interests.”

“For me, I don’t even take this particular publication seriously and I can only urge Zambians not to take it seriously too.”

>Editor’s note: We also do not take Masumba seriously. That is why we call him a play boy. But, the Zambian Watchdog  is read by more than 200 000 people a day translating into a million page views a day. We are very, very sure that Masumba checks the Watchdog immediately he wakes up and before he goes to sleep.

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