Masumba sleeps with best friend’s wife

Masumba sleeps with best friend’s wife


There has been abomination that has rocked our little district of Mufumbwe where our MP Steven Masumba has slept with the wife to his best friend Harold Zholomi. How can we trust this MP? The truth now has come out. He has been sleeping at ith so many people’s wives, daughters, sisters and nieces etc without shame.

Masumba duped Mrs Zholomi to go with him to Lusaka to give her money for family usage. Mrs Zholomi who stays with her husband in Mufumbwe was visiting her parents in Solwezi when Masumba spotted her. Masumba left his best friend and Campaign Manager in Mufumbwe to go to Lusaka to look for money for his campaigns. Upon reaching Solwezi, Masumba called Mrs Zholomi without consent from her husband that he needed to go with to Lusaka. Stupidly enough, Zholomi’s wife agreed without her informing her husband too. In Lusaka, both Mrs Zholomi and Masumba went to Parliament Motel where they spent days by the two of them. Coincidentally, Chief Kizela of Mufumbwe and his people were also at Parliament motel where they spotted Mrs Zholomi and Masumba in a compromising situation. Quickly the Chief’s retainer confronted Mrs Zholomi who confessed having flirted with Masumba. She said she was duped into believing Masumba would give her money for her family when all he wanted was to sleep with her.

Mrs Zholomi also confessed that her husband had no knowledge about her going to Lusaka. The retainer then called Harold Zholomi to ask him where his wife was. Harold responded that his wife was with her parents in Solwezi. When he was told that his wife was with Masumba at Parliament motel in Lusaka and that she had confessed sleeping with him, Harold got incensed and immediately travelled to Solwezi where he truly did not find his wife. The truth has now been established that Masumba really slept with best freind’s wife. Masumba went further to arrange for her from where she teaches together with her husband to MAtushi so that he can continue hammering her once his husband finds out.

As we speak, Mufumbwe is on fire. People are very disappointed with Masumba. Shamelessly, Masumba’s mother is underplaying the situation and bragging that Zholomi will just be compesated. People are also wondering why Masumba should continue being condoned by President Edgar Lungu by flying with him each him and Vice President Inonge Wina come to Northwestern Province. This is the same guy who is also allegedly to have forged his grade 12 results by using his twin brother’s results. Worse still he has started insulting the PF District Chairman Mr Kajilo that he has not interviewed him when his application has no attachment to show grade 12 results. This same Masumba has been bragging that he is a special advisor to President Lungu each time he comes here in Mufumbwe. The question is, are we safe as a country to have such characters who sleep with other people’s wives at will to be President Edgar Lungu’s advisor? This is the same chap who now wants to bring tribalism by stating that UPND is for Chokwes and Luvales while Kaondes are for PF, that is a lie. He should just accept that his usefulness has dwindled. Let him deny that he has not slept with Zholomi’s wife. Let him deny that Zholomi has even stopped moving with because the two have been inseparable. Let him deny that Zholomi is at the verge of divorcing his the wife only that Masumba’s mother is pleading with Zholomi to get compensation. It is really a shame. The news has spread like a bush fire and now everyone want to put to shame Masumba.

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