Masumba’s toilets contracts corruption exposed

Dear Editor,
I write this open letter to you and the rest of all those who read this leading online paper. Before the by elections i wrote to inform who masumba is in and out but pipo ignored this. This time I want the ACC to come in and probe masumba on the contracts given during campaign to attract more vote from the electorates. there were 15 VIP Toilets in 2 lots. lot 1 had 7 VIP Toilets and lot 2 had 8 toilets. Masumba influenced the award of the contracts which were supposed to be awarded to the most competetive bidders. Lot 1 was given to a company which will i will mention in 2 days time and masumba received amount of K10 Million but the works are almost complete. for lot 2 masumba got all the money an used for his campaign only pit have been dug nothing else that is along M8. This is the kind of mp mufumbwe voted into office! For more iinformation let the ACC visit Mufumbwe District Procurement Committee and surmon all key officers from Mufumbwe District Council such the council secretary on transfer (Mr. Aongola), Deputy Council Secretary (Mr. Mukwato), Chief Admin (Mr. Samakonga) and Masumba to answer querries.
I will soon send more information partaining the exact amount and the companies involved.

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