Matanwandi must go, demand senior engineers

Matanwandi must go, demand senior engineers

Senior Engineers have demanded that Engineering Institute of Zambia(EIZ), President Sydney Matamwandi resigns for damaging the integrity and dishonouring the reputation of the Institute.

In a message circulated to engineers, former EIZ President, Bernard Chiwala says its unacceptable that a leader of the Institute can utter such words as attributed to Matamwandi.

He called on the Engineering Council to discipline Matamwandi or he be requested to step down.

Matamwandi accused economist Herry Moono of having a small-pennis syndrome when he criticized the failure of a column pillar on the new ZNBS Business Park.

He also accused men that go to the gym frequently as having low libido and suffered from inferiority complex.

He also said those that criticized engineers were of low IQ as they aspired to be engineers but could not qualify.

But Chiwala, who is also former Permanent Secretary, said Matamwandi should consider resigning.

Below is the full statement.

Senior Engineers
The alleged exchange of mails if true between our President and the Economist that we saw yesterday require an explanation from Council on why Council allowed the President to issue such a statement that has caused so much embarrassment and reputation damage to our profession.
Why is Council not letting the Registrar to issue statements?

The President should issue statements on weight matters of National Interest and not be responding to opinions of some members of our society on Engineers.

We need to remember that When one assumes the top office of our beloved institution one becomes the carrier of our vision, Aspirations, Values and what we stand for as Engineers. One’s Private life is set aside by the High office one occupies.

Therefore One’s conduct both in private and public should be exemplary even when extremely provoked.

One philosopher in ages past postulated as follows: “Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared, but only men of character are TRUSTED.

Truly you measure and know a man on how he responds when placed under pressure.
Great captains????‍✈️ at sea are known not in quite waters but during great storms and billows.

The economist sent us a storm to test our resolve to stay calm and sober but we squandered the opportunity.

Our President showed A VERY HIGH IQ in his response to the Economist but VERY LOW EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.
With what we have seen and heard on this matter on social media I do hereby propose that the President considers to step down.

If he did this, EIZ and President Matamwandi shall shall turn an apparent failure into TRIUMPH.

I submit

Engineer Bernard Mwape Chiwala

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