Matero Catholic parish priest condemned

Matero Catholic parish priest condemned

Dear our revered Bishops,

I bring a grave concernIMG_679


on the utterances of Father Lupupa of the Matero Parish. Regrettable words were uttered during the delivery of his sermon in the pulpit.

On the fateful day, Father Lupupa is recorded on video talking about elections in Zambia and the manner in which leaders, such as the late Michael Sata (may his soul rest in peace), became president.

He further went on to say, some leaders are not ready to be president due to their conduct. He then uttered the regrettable words in Bemba saying “..chawama twachita rig.” Translated as “it’s better we rig.”

As much as we would not want to delve into religious interpretations and his understanding of how people become presidents, it is however clearly noticeable, that he is suggesting that we better rig, in order to avoid certain people from being president.

His suggestion is not only unconstitutional but criminal and punishable according to the electoral Act PART IV CORRUPT AND ILLEGAL PRACTICES AND ELECTION OFFENCESPART IV. The will of the people is a standard respected all over the world. Even in the recent American elections, the world saw that the will of the people was upheld and respected, despite the wishes of the incumbent to overturn the election.

We therefore call upon our esteemed Conference of Catholic Bishops, to investigate this matter and give guidance accordingly, on this video that has been widely shared among the Zambian populace. As we know very well that, Zambia goes to the polls this August and national unity and peace should be promoted in parishes, instead of the inflammatory, divisive and criminal language that has been witnessed with Father Lupupa.

The Catholic church in Zambia has been a beacon of national guidance and has played a pivotal role, in ensuring peaceful transition of power in our young democracy. Such service to the nation is deeply appreciated and is indeed in line with Christian virtues.

We are reminded sadly of the genocide in Rwanda, where callous words and actions were carried out by some priests and they were eventually prosecuted on crimes against humanity.

We trust that acts and utterances that promote genocide, would not be allowed on Zambian soil, with your valued guidance.

Your humble servant,

Kasololo Chisenga.

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