Mathematically this is what Money means under PF

Mathematically this is what Money means under PF

Simple maths is like this:

If, when the PF came to power, in 2011, your salary was K5000, you earned $1000 a month. You could do a lot of stuff including paying for international exams. (Painfully maybe, but you could.)

In other words, you earned the equivalent of K22,000 at today’s exchange rate.

If your salary has doubled to K10,000
since 2011, (unlikely, but let’s be generous) you now earn just under $500. Your salary has, in real terms, halved.

If you are at the same K5000, you now earn less than $250. Your buying power is now a quarter of what it was.

Meanwhile, prices have trebled. Take bread, which was at K5 or thereabouts, in 2011. It now goes up to K20. An egg has gone from 50n to K2.50.

In short, unless your salary has trebled since 2011, you have had to make major cuts in your lifestyle. You have touched even basics like food and maybe changed your children’s school (which you liked) to a cheaper one. As for help to the extended family, you make more excuses and are probably resentful of requests.

It is the above that the PF has to explain point by point.

How did we get here, given that it’s been a stable 10 years, capped by the highest copper prices in recent history?

I can help them – their reckless borrowing and then stealing of the debt money is what has left a big hole in the fiscus which we Zambians are now paying for. For evidence of the wanton stealing, reference the Auditor General’s And FIC reports. Check out too the miraculous wealth that has been acquired by the top brass in PF.

The rest, especially how they intend to take us out of this hole, given that they are asking for a new term, we need to hear from them.

We also would love to know how, if they did not steal like I am saying they did, the President and his Ministers and cadres got so rich while the country’s economy fell apart and the people became impoverished.

If the President and his former Ministers are too busy campaigning to answer these questions, they can send their proxies Kambwili, Nawakwi, GBM and Kabimba to explain they mysteries to us.

I mean, instead of giving us headaches with tribal nonsense and stories about prices in South Africa.

Concerned citizen

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