Mathew Mohan escapes from prison


Kapeso is yet to issue a comment

By Staff  Writers-Inktech managing director Mathew Mohan has escaped from police custody.

Mohan is said to have run away around 11 hours local time today but the circumstances are not yet clear.

He is said to have eluded police officers at the magistrate court when he went for mention, sources told the Watchdog.

Mohan was in custody in connection with the murder of Cyclone Hardware director Sajid Itowala.

Mohan was picked up on August 3, 2009 to help with investigations in Itowala’s murder.

When contacted for a comment, police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso could neither deny nor confirm but said ‘I am also still trying to get the details.’

He was expected to issue a press statement later in the evening, according to police sources.

Police were investigating Mohan on charges of accessory and complicity to Itowala’s murder.

Police were investigating armed robbery and abduction charges, which led to the murder of Itowala.

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